Overview of TTC-352 Attributes

­Novel mechanism of action for hormonal therapy of breast cancer

­­Effective in heavily-pretreated ER+ breast cancer after failure of hormonal therapy and CDK4/6 inhibitors

­­Biomarker predicting activity in development (PKCa overexpression)

­­Oral capsule delivery

­­Human safety established

­­Significant key opinion leaders support for novel, non-toxic breast cancer therapy

Our Solution: TTC-352

TTC-352 is an orally-administered selective human estrogen receptor (ER) partial agonist (ShERPA) designed to treat metastatic ER+ breast cancers that have become resistant to endocrine therapy and CDK4/6 inhibitor therapy.

TTC-352 builds on the mechanism of action of estradiol, interacting with estrogen receptor on tumor cells leading to tumor regression, but without the magnitude of side effects.

Clinical Trial Results

­­Completed phase I clinical trial confirmed that the drug is safe and demonstrated encouraging efficacy in patients with refractory ER+ breast cancer that is heavily pretreated with hormonal and chemotherapy refractory breast cancer.

­­In addition, a biomarker of benefit has been identified (PKCa overexpression).